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Psychic Reading Services

Hi. My name is Grace Grella. I am a gifted New York psychic providing authentic, accurate psychic reading services to folks in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and around the world since 1982.

If you or someone you know needs personal 411 about their future or if you're someone who would like to receive messages and information from departed loved ones, I am the person who can help you. I am a gifted psychic medium providing professional reading services for over thirty years.

My goal is to help my clients get the accurate information they need - it could be something to do with their future or information and messages coming from spirits of their dearly departed. In my many years of experience providing genuine services to clients all ages and from all walks of life, I have to come to understand that the service I perform can have significant effects in a person's life. Therefore, it is my sworn duty to provide only truthful, accurate, authentic services my clients have come to expect from me over the years.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!  Blessings and love from above.
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